We all love to just want to get our work done as quickly as possible , back in the days when my Grandfather worked in his office I remember him saying it would take him days to just to get a bank statement ! The 80’s came by and our lives changed forever on to the better side ,the major stuff in office was based on paperwork and approvals from the top level management to get the production underway and make products and make some cash for the organization!

These 80’s could sometimes be compared to the late 1800’s of England and Europe when the tremendous changes were made to the way one produced something ! Back in the late 1800’s ,STEAM drove the to the revolution , in the 80’s it was software and electronic advancements that changed the game ! The Altair 8800 drove two College students to make an Application software for it when they saw the machine at an electronic convention,then after the Apple 1 ,which had its software written by the same guy who worked on the Altair 8800 ! You guys must be wondering why there is rational comparison of The Industrial Revolution to the 80’s ,let me explain, today we see bikes producing over 25 BHP in a relatively small engine compared to the huge and large Steam Engines we saw in the past ,in contrast the power of the Smartphone today is so vast that ,you guys would have heard that the Apollo 11 Mission Computers were underpowered to the Smartphone ! The Apollo 11 had 2KB of RAM and 4.077MHz processors in various clusters to power it ! Today the average iPhone has 1-2GB of RAM and Dual Core Processors with speeds in GHz this is nothing when compared to the average Android counterpart ! Ranging from 2-6 GB of RAM and 1GHz to 2.5Ghz is clock speeds of various clusters of cores !

So the point here is that we have escalated so fast in a span of just 10-20 years,as I spoke in the beginning , today the work done in an office could be done any place the Employee could access a decent Internet connection with enough bit rate and bandwidth just from his phone ! Apps like #Slack has reduced the latency in communication ,there are compilers built on the phone do one could even code on it and an OS like Android being open source, even an enthusiast could really make it look the way he wants, coming to productivity ,one could even control the actions that take place at his organisation via his pocket companion ,one such app I personally enjoy using is the Microsoft Office Lens ,it uses your Camera and Storage on the phones permissions and converts any kind of a doc to a pdf for easy sharing and printing ,the next phase of our productivity would be controlled entirely by the AI Technology the Big Giants are investing Billions of Dollars into it ! Speaking of AI and productivity, communication plays an important role in the mentioned words,Google has this new messaging service Allo coming to the Android and iOS Ecosystems ,as it is tied to the phone number ,you could only use it on a single phone at once ! The AI Assistant on Google in this service could recognize the pictures sent to you and smartly suggest the replies or could intervene in a conversation upon on our wish and suggest some brilliant ideas ! Basically the mobile operations of these tech companies need one to move away from the laptop or the PC which dominated the line of productivity for years !

Seeing a lot of commercials by the ISPs saying that their internet they provide has enough bandwidth to study and learn anything from the web !

This is partly true ,I do agree we could learn anything from the web, but at the same time I feel we are just embedding ourselves on to the learning curve of the web , it means that we could literally increase our productivity from our Smartphones,services like Google Scholar and apps like DuoLingo teach us Science and Language and make us worthy of using the internet services and productivity apps !  As most of the organisations provide their employees a custom work environment with a VPN based login system , the Smartphone is also having the ability to connect and setup a VPN to go into the company’s server to get the tasks assigned to the Employee get done ! Mobiles today can also setup a mobile WiFi hub when it is required to run Win32 apps or MacOS apps and then send them over the net ,this device in your pockets just gets smaller and smaller and proportionately increases the work it could do ,if not proportionately but exponentially ,as I spoke about the Cloud Storage on my previous blog ,the drives in the warehouse of the cloud do serve as a permanent backup when the phone in the pocket stops working for any reason ! Latest OS like the iOS ,Android and Windows 10 also has this continuity feature ,it is like you are in the cab and you are done half with the PPT you are doing and then you come to the office and go to your workstation and your work reflects there as well !

Coming to Windows and productivity they have their Surface Team work their next bunch of phones even to run Win32 apps so to drive people more and more people away from the static workstation out into the on the situation and still do work !

There will also be this one day when we are on a camping trip and we do our work when the smores are getting cooked !

Even some of the Graphic Intensive apps like Premier PRO and Auto DESK also have their mobile and tablet versions ! The organizations which produce these applications are also moving and they want users to stick to them on any screen to do their work !

I personally feel a Smartphone, a Tablet and a Laptop should be given to everyone and quite a decent population of it will rise with budding new ideas for the better of mankind ! My Dad always said ,”You have a PC! ,why do you need a iPad ?” The criteria is that ,for a student like me, taking down notes and assignments and casual mail,iPad or any other tabket is apt as it consumes lesser power than a PC and is as productive as a PC and gets my work done saving the environment ! That is if we work on how to degrade the E-Waste generated ! Well that is a topic for another day !  ThinkstockPhotos-520964215-630x210