Let us go back to 2007,how many of you remember the first ever IPhone ? There was something about the way the first IPhone was released ! Steve (Steve Jobs) infact showed how simple it is to be used ! He introduced the first IPhone as 3 different products in one ,an IPod, a Browser and a Phone !! The first IPhone was really simple compared to the competition , but people welcomed the simplicity rather than chaotic UIs of other OEMs !

9 years later we got the IPhone 7 and 7 Plus ! In a way the 7th iteration is not that different from their roots, still the IPhone is for the simple folks who does not want to tweak their device too much !! In fact the IPhone did not have an app store till 3GS ,that means there was no provision for developers to write apps for it till the 3rd iteration . Comparing the IPhone 7 and 7 Plus to its previous gen brothers ,that is the IPhone 6S and 6S Plus ,the overall footprint is the same ! Same dimensions , the only thing that is changed in the design is the Antenna bands are moved up the camera and it looks real clean ! Going with the same design is not a bad idea according to me,there are 2 new colors this time around ,black and glossy jet black ! ,the other changes are that , there is no 3.5mm headphone,now the IPhone is finally water and dust proof ,  the display remains same resolution but they claim it is 25% more bright and has the full ntsc gamut ,wish they could had gone full fledged with a 1080p OLED panel to directly compete with Samsung , the most interesting factor about the whole release is their Home Button which is no more a physical presser , it is a force touch capacitive round ! means to say that Home Button is a 2 stage 3D touch panel ! the mute switch stays on and there is a stereo speaker setup ,the earpiece is our secondary speaker along with a bottom firing speaker , the algorithm is so fine tuned that the IPhone could fire up the speakers based upon the portrait or landscape orientation !

The best upgrade that one could invest a buck on are the camera ,the rear camera maintains the same 12MP sensor and a SIX ELEMENT LENS, F1.8 APERTURE, OPTICAL IMAGE STABILISATION along with a new camera processing module and awesome iOS camera processing ,the front camera is 7MP ,brighter WITHOUT a wide angle lens !!

According to me this camera is a direct competition to the Samsung Note 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , on the bigger IPhone 7 Plus, there are two 12MP sensors ,one is a usual 28mm lens and one more is a wide 56mm lens , the camera algorithm also provides a real time bokeh mode !! The depth of field Apple showcased on the show was real amazing !!

The solution to the missing 3.5mm headphone jack are a pair of Lightning Earpods and a AUX convertor from Lightning to 3.5mm jack,the other solution are the Air Pods which pair over bluetooth as soon as the holding cum charing case of it is opened near an iOS device ,really cool !

The underneath power is given by the all new A10 Fusion Chip which is quadcore in nature with 2 powerful cores with clocked at higher speeds and 2 low power cores clocked slower , the GPU is the M10 motion processor which is a 6 core chip !! the CPU is 180x and GPU is 240x faster to the original IPhone !

According to me the processing power is coupled either with a 2GB OR 3GB RAM and is also a direct competitor with the Exynos 8890 of the Samsung !

Apart from the fast charging and wireless charging of the Samsung the IPhone is doing most of it right !!

My take on this issue is that , IPhone and Apple are still playing safe ,with its major strength being iOS ,with a brilliant ecosystem of apps , but even the UI and UX of iOS are playing real safe in the ever changing mobile world ! on a comparison note ,with the Android counterpart ,the new IPhone has an equally good camera,equally responsive and performs ,and with its extensive battery optimisation gives a great competition to DOZE ,even though the display is sun 1080p , the IPhone panels are amazing , Android and iOS are two uncomparable , inpeccable entity OS’s  ,so if you are into the customization and sideloading apps ,iOS is not your thing, the security stuff is best in the consumer mobile world !! So I agree that the IPhone is not trying new stuff but they are the doing the right things taking a step at a time , this iteration with its new color is a major deal !