The definition of a phone has changed a lot from its invention in 1876, basically before Graham Bell ,there was Morse with the telegram, the way the telegram worked by sending sounds called in dots and dashes which was decrypt by a telegram worker, an error in decrypting the telegram messages caused the Titanic catastrophe!

Later the Telephone by Bell made it possible to communicate the way we speak to the person next to us but the person is not really next to us !

In the present day we use pocket size computers called smart phones,which are growing at an exponential rate and out innovating every other OEM ! The question now is that when should I change my smartphone to stay on par with the ever changing world ?

At the beginning when I got my first smartphone I was not keen on this upgrade and update system,but as the apps grew in size and features ,both on Android and iOS ,it was not possible to use the latest apps !

For example the Snapchat app never opened on my Samsung Galaxy Y , the reason was the lack of the latest thread of Google Play Services which is essential for Snapchat to function,so the first reason here becomes the storage aspect to upgrade the device , recent iPhone release scrapped the 16GB variant as it had no practical use in the present day ! ,

On the Android Platform the Samsung’s S-Health app also did not work on the Xperia M which was running the Jelly Bean ( Android 4.3), the reason was that the Android has stopped the support for its older versions ,similarly with the iOS ,the minimum requirement being the iOS 7 and above and in Android KitKat (4.4) and above !

The reason for the software makers to stop support for their older versions is to patch the security flaws present in it ,the other reason is when certain APIs like the Vulkan are not supported by the GPUs of the old devices !

Apple, in a way has a very good track record of updating devices as old as 5 years to keep it on track with security and features, but if you are #DroidForLife like me , the OEMs themselves stop providing the latest software just because they want to sell new devices they make even though the older phones are capable of running the latest software fine !

In such a case ,for a heavy user and a tech savy guy, we really want to upgrade the device, the apps , especially the Facebook on iOS and Android occupy upto 300-500mb ,these bulky apps does not retain any space on the phone for other important files, the storage criteria also plays a very important role in upgrading the device,my friend asked me to fix the “Low on Storage Issue” om Android , in this field, in certain phones (Nexus and Moto) the Android Marshmallow( 6.0 and above) provided the adaptive feature which enables the user to make the SD card as Internal Memory !


On the iOS front , the users are real happy with the software support Apple provides, getting a 64, 128 or 256 GB would last your phone for a solid 3-4 years !

The final reason is one’s satisfaction, back in the day when I used the Nokia Lumia 730 , just could not survive with either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, so the criteria was the lack of apps and a poor Windows Mobile ecosystem and my personal liking!