With the coming of the new iPhones it was very evident that Google the Giant had a trick up its sleeve and was teasing it with rectangles and Oct 4th on the social media as well as its offices ! Interestingly this 4th of october Google proved that the next big thing was AI rather than Mobile Phones ! Okay, now you guys might ask me what is so big about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the trick here is that Google’s AI learns more about you as and when you use it more ! Basically google teased that its AI coming out Android Nougat 7.1 is a personalised Google to yourself ! Coming to hardware announcements the most anticipated Pixel phones were announced one with,the one thing which made me wonder is that why google had to design the phones so symmetrically and leave such a big chin at the bottom,both the phones that is Pixel and Pixel XL are same in specs except for the display size ,resolution and battery sizes.

First phones to be completely made inside and out by Google, providing unlimited storage for pics and video on Google Drive in their original resolution and also the phones retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, the camera also got the highest ranking from DxOMark , a grade scler for Dslr and smartphone cameras  but the design is a little blank for my liking, the glass visage at the back around the fingerprint scanner gives its own character but I do feel the design is a bit iPhone ripped off ! Running the latest specs Android could handle is present on them and the silver lining of these phones are their software and AI capabilities which alike Siri opened the SDK of the Google Assistant to 3rd party developers,meaning that apps like facebook and twitter can now make use of the AI of the Android OS .google-pixel-yourstory

Remember Google I/O 2016?, where Google teased their new Google Home? The Home also uses Google Assistant and there is a seamless transition of the assistance from your phone to around your home ! Performing basic tasks like Lights, Thermostats ,playing music and casting your phone screen are some of the tasks what home can do!

Google really gave a big mention about its Day Dream VR View ! made out of fabric for comfort, it pairs up seamlessly quick and with no wires with the pixel phones,

Google Fi or the new routers from Google increasing the network coverage and network range around your place ,Chromecast Ultra is the new caster now able to cast in 4K and HDR ,Basically what Google announced in its #MadeByGoogle on Oct 4th was the integration and total personalisation of the information and data giant to work for your needs like drawing out pics from a certain event, send documents only by your mouth ! These all seem interesting, but my question is how safe is your data?

Almost a 50 apps already provided content for the Day Dream VR ,the pricing for the announced devices are appropriate except for the Pixel phones coming in at 649$ matching the new iPhone 7 in price !


google products_2x1.png