I guess most of you are really startled with the title off this post as everyone I know are all really intrigued with Over The Air updates pushed to the end users by the OEMs! Yes, there is a real good reason to be excited ,new features ,change in UI, user experience refinement and what not !! This may remain true only for the Apple and Windows phones, where the experience does not change much from device to device , coming to Android, where one can choose from thousands of devices,ranging from cheap to super expensive to a certain feature oriented device, the update crisis here is too much !!

First of all, most of the android phones are real affordable when compared to the apple counterparts, this low price of the devices makes manufacturers skimp on updates, and security patches, if you are lucky enough and use a Pixel or Nexus, your device will run super smooth till Google supports it with timely updates!

The other face of the spectrum are guys like me who use a Moto device which runs almost a stock build of Android and the phone is not that expensive too ,the manufacturer promises to provide several updates over the air, yeah it is all good ,but the issue just exists with the updates itself, my Moto G4 Plus came out with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 , as we all know quadroot became a huge issue and Moto pushed out a security patch ,highly appreciating it, but after applying the update the phone started to stutter, lag, frames started dropping, apps would not open , forced me to reset the device!


After the device was reset, the cache memory was cleared and yes the device started working pretty fine , Android Nougat was already out and following its past trend ,Moto announced a list of compatible devices, I was initially happy as Moto G4 Plus was on that list but wished Moto did not push out this update ,it was delayed, but finally came and I could download it just fine and apply it, again the same issues started persisting, apps did not open properly, laggy  behaviour and more !!

One of my friend had a Moto G3 ,1GB model and she applied Marshmallow when it was pushed out and even she faced the same issues , I guess having two different variants of the same device with one of them having 1 gig more of RAM and the OEM just pushing an update for the higher speced version just damages the user experience on the lower spec variant of the same device ,I guess I should have thought twice before application the update!

Each time applying the update, reseting the phone formating my memory card ,real hasle work !


On the other hand Apple and Windows 10 Mobile devices do not show this behaviour for at least an year of updates, I guess their coherent experience policy makes their updates real smooth !

Or iOS and Windows are superior to Android and Android OEMs in this Issue??

Even on Android phones , highly skinned OEMs like Xiaomi also push out updates ,on their own UI basis which will change Android version once in a while, havent faced any issues going from MIUI 7 on Android KitKat 4.4.4 to MIUI 8 on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1!


Or may be my lower speced Moto G4 Plus is not capable of handling the new OS !


The solution to this isuue exists and as that most of the services and applications are put into the Playstore and they are updates periodically, Google providing support to 3 year old OS ‘s is solving it, but OEMs do not push out security patches to these older version of Android as nobody will buy a newer phone the coming year, so if OEMs wish to push the updates , please push them properly !!

Anyhow Google is supporting KitKat still and Marshmallow would be supported in a similar way I believe so @Moto it is ok , just provide me monthly security patches on Marshmallow, now as this is not possible , resolve the Battery issues with your Nougat Udate and make it a bit more refined and smooth!

This is not a post just regarding Moto devices , many of the other tier 1 manufacturers also posses a similar issue !!