Productivity is defined as the ratio of the output to the input , meaning a product produced is production and considering what has gone into its course of production is the iproductivity ,productivity is a vital and an integral part of any industry, pursuing Industrial Engineering ,I could not notice less how an organization works ,Industrial Engineering techniques such as Work Study, Quality and Supply Chain are deeply rooted into the core of any organisation which sees a huge success in a large competent world of the present day.

Recently ,like most the young people of our generation , even I too visited one of the most successful ,valued as a billion dollar fast food joint, to be more precise I visited the Golden Arches ,placed an order and started waiting for their product and services to be delivered.

As I mentioned earlier , I could only help my zeal to observe the kitchen or if we consider the restaurant as an Industry the kitchen would be some what similar to an assembly line or shop floor where the product is assembled from various parts and delivered at the right time right place , the most intriguing aspect of this process at the Golden Arches was that every process and order was timed , timing the work carried out by a rated work to complete his task is said to be work measurement  ,more to add upon this all the components to carry out the task are well within the reach of the cook, which brings in economic movement of the cook and eliminates the unnecessary body movement , this concept is some what related to method study.

Work measurement and Method Study is the foundation of Industrial Engineering ,may be implementation of these techniques make them meet any order , however large it is within a stipulated time of  6 minutes,  along with these techniques, ergonomically designed workstations also maintain the fatigue levels of the cook less, one interesting observation here was that after preparing the order , the cook never walks out of this station, he just pushes his order through guide ways, a direct concept borrowed from industry where the bins of components are air pushed on guide ways.


The placement of the various machinery at the fast food chain is really systematic, every machine is placed within the yellow or green tape border to prevent hazards  and the fast moving product machines like the beverages are placed right at the front so that the cashier is also put into the work increasing his productivity, the level organization of various components in every franchise of the Golden Arches have made them rise like a phoenix from their 2000’s financial crisis , the large success of such fast food chains can be credited to the Industrial Engineers who observe how productivity can be increased at least cost.

May be adoption of these techniques has made them price their average tasting products reasonably cheaper compared to regular restaurants and the other reason for low pricing is competition, as even the rival companies use the Industrial Engineering tools.

There fore the tools of IE such as Quality, Supply Chain and Management are also huge impact creators determining the success or failure of an organization , once my brother encountered a plastic film in his burger , quality of the finished product affected my brother emotionally and he stopped going to the Golden Arches ,so a few little things which are really well organized makes a single farnchise restaurant flip over a 500 burgers a day , therefore Industrial Engineering is defined as a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex processes and system and provides an economic way of carrying out the tasks to improve the productivity ,reduce the cost and maximize the profit of an organization.