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The Snapchat Bug !

Social Networking today has become an inevitable part in our day to day computer and network use ! According to a study the usage of social network today in the present day has increased to 90% from 12% back in 2005, the major social network giants as we know today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat !

No service when initially started would be perfect ,one such BUG what I indentified recently on my Phone was on Snapchat from Snap Inc. Snapchat when it was launched back in 2011 was a simple and an intuitive app , where you could send a snap or a short 10 second video with text upon ! The problem with Snapchat started when it started growing ! As there was no and still there is no official App from Snapchat for Windows Mobile ,users started using apps from 3rd party developers on the Windows Phone and at the same time many snaps from the Snapchat servers were leaked and the safety of the service was questioned !

Snap Inc. then reverse engineered the app and was made in such a way that if you log into your account from another device then your account gets logged out automatically from the previous device and Snap Inc. also blamed that the security levels provided by the 3rd party app developers on the Windows Platform were forcefully made to remove , thus 6snap and other apps were ceased !

Snapchat thereafter became exclusive to phones running on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 and above !

The service grew up into a well refined and polished social media platform ,included many filters , geo-filters ,stickers,  Bitmoji and they also have the pattren recoznition feature like QR Barcodes and was one of the first services to incorporate this technique , really appreciated it  what not , the problem for the service arised when they were searching ways to monetise the service , according to me ,there is no proper way for including ads on the service !

Appreciation and applause aside the iOS based Snapchat is near perfect ( almost 100%V perfect) , but the Android version is just CRAPPY !


Recently while using the service in near darkness on my phone , the app heats up the device, flash fires and does not go switch off or allows to snap a picture in 0 darkness while all other apps using the camera module just snaps fine ! Found out a workaround for this issue, focus with the flash and then toggle the flash and snap immediately !

This bug is not only present on my device but found a lot of forums complaining about it inline and I myself verified the bug on two different devices, strangely the bug is absent on Xiaomi branded Mi and Redmi phones !

Apart from this bug, Snapchat on Android compared to Snapchat on iOS is just bad and almost all the android users complain about the camera quality and focussing problems !6snap-for-windows-phone-gets-pulled-and-it-won-t-come-back-477671-2


Recently the service came out with a 139$ Speactacles , the first hardware device from the company which is solely used for Snapchatting ! LOL LOL LOL !

Trying to monetise without ironing the existing bugs just does not work out with users ! Snapchat as a service is a brilliant idea and could do wonders and one of my favorites ,but biasing between iOS and Android does not work in the real world where the major share of users are Android users !


One good thing about Snapchat has made it completely free from 3rd party app developers ensuring complete safety and security of your snaps and videos !! 🙂

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